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John Linden

Steven has provided a high level of computer expertise in repair and upgrading of both my personal and my business computer equipment. In carryout [of] his professional business duties he is above reproach in his knowledge of both network and equipment configuration and applications. He is extremely knowledgeable of the capabilities and limitations of a wide range of software and will offer expert advice without any coaching on the part of the customer.
~ Charleston SC

Christian Cyr

Steven helped my wife and I choose a laptop with only the necessary specs needed to start our own business and installed our wireless network. He has helped us maintain both our laptop and desktop. We highly recommend his services.
~ Mt. Pleasant SC

Jerome Bennett

Steven did an excellent job on my computer. My computer is about 10 years old and the system was not ready for DSL. Steven rebuilt my computer and suggested that I should look into getting another computer. Following his advice, I purchased a Dell OptiPlex 320 with a 19in screen. I am [also] still using the old computer that Steven repaired for me.
~ Charleston SC

Wayne O. Cooksey

Steven has been taking care of my computers since he was a sophomore in college at Auburn University. He has rebuilt one unit which my Granddaughter now uses. He has upgraded my current unit and also keeps my laptop up to date. Even though we are now 400 miles apart, I only allow someone else to do service for me in cases of an emergency. He is the most dependable and knowledgeable young person that I have ever known. I would recommend this service above any I have ever known.
~ Opelika AL 36801

Beverly Everson

I highly recommend Steven's work. He has always done an excellent job and given thorough, reliable advice whatever the computer problem. You won't be disappointed in Charleston PC Help!
~ Foley AL

David Wallis

Are you frustrated with your computer system? Thinking about adding a wireless system to your home? Not sure of what software to install? Computer concerns are almost limitless, and unless you have a huge amount of training and experience with computers you might find a solution to all of your computer problems with Charleston PC Help.They have been my solution to all of the questions above and more. I started using their expertise about 18 months ago after my home computer crashed. They helped me replace the hard drive on the broken computer and find the right features for an additional new computer. They have also been essential in periodic problems or questions I've had with updates and my concerns of my daughter having access to the sometimes dangerous abilities of the internet. If you want personal service from someone who knows computers inside and out and can explain how to make them work for you, try Charleston PC Help.